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Welcome to AAN52.com, online home of IQVIA’s AAN Allergy Activity Notification Program® reports. For over 20 years, AAN’s syndicated reports have been a trusted source in predicting changes in demand of allergy consumer packaged goods companies, pharmaceutical firms, and retail chains.

AAN provides the most comprehensive system for tracking and projecting people affected with airborne allergens and market level risk for both pediatric and adult populations in the United States. AAN’s insight to season airborne pollens and future projections are unrivaled.

The AAN Online Reporting Tool is available online through AAN52.com. Please click the link below to log-in to the AAN Online Reporting Tool.

The AAN Online Reporting Tool is available for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 5+, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari

AAN Support Materials

AAN Support Materials

Click here for AAN Program Overview

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About Our Company

IQVIA is a leading provider of information, services and technology for the healthcare industry, covering markets in 100+ countries around the world. A market leader for more than 55 years, we blend industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver the most accurate perspectives and in-depth analytics on healthcare dynamics. Actionable insights, powered by superior information assets, are tuned to our clients’ precise requirements.

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IQVIA has provided answers to some of the most common client questions regarding AAN52.com and the conversion of AAN Excel reports to the Online Reporting Tool. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact a member of the IMS customer support team.

Can I still receive Excel-based deliverables?
No. Once the AAN conversion takes place, Excel deliverables will no longer be produced. All users will access their AAN reports via the Online Reporting Tool.
What is happening to my Excel-based AAN reports?
IQVIA is converting all AAN reporting to a new, interactive, web-based dashboard reporting system. The Online Reporting Tool will allow for additional features and capabilities not available in today’s Excel deliverable. Excel-based reports will be available for a limited time after the release of the Online Reporting Tool.
How do I access the Online Reporting Tool?
The AAN Online Reporting Tool will be accessible by logging in to AAN52.com, the online home of AAN reports.
Will there be any changes to the data and content of my AAN reports?
No. All the metrics and attributes you’re accustomed to are still available in the Online Reporting Tool. Additionally, the Online Reporting Tool provides a streamlined, user-friendly approach and enhanced charting, mapping, reporting options, and more.
I currently get my reports in my email. Will that change?
IQVIA will still send the AAN National Summary each week via email. For additional reports like charts, maps, projections, etc., you will need to access the Online Reporting Tool.
I receive both AAN National and AAN Custom Retailer reports. Are both impacted by this change?
Yes. All AAN reporting will be converted to the Online Reporting Tool. Within the tool, you will have a drop down selection to toggle between your AAN National and AAN Custom Retailer reports.
Can I download data, charts, or maps from the Online Reporting Tool?
Yes. All data charts, tables, and maps may be exported to Excel via the small Excel icons next to each item. Charts can be customized in the Online Reporting Tool and exported to Excel.
How do I get a user name and password for AAN52.com?
Upon release of the Online Reporting Tool, IMS client service team members will contact all current clients of AAN. IMS will provide user names and passwords to all individuals identified as “users”.
What if I lose or forget my user name and password?
The AAN52.com offers automatic password reset options on the login page. Clients may also use the ‘Contact Us’ form on AAN52.com to send an email to a customer support team member.
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